About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to pro actively meet our clients needs. We do this by delivering a quality service with high standards of excellence. Personally we aim to maintain the most complete service possible. We constantly strive to fulfil our clients’ every financial requirement, thus shouldering their burdens for them.

Company History

Our business acumen and reputation has helped us gain over 1,000 clients and we are always adding new ones. The majority of new business is referred to us by our existing clients, which is both flattering and gratifying. The client base we have we cannot thank them enough for their wonderful support in that regard.

At Pomfrey, we pride ourselves on how pro-active we are whilst putting our client’s needs first. Our aim is to provide a top quality service at a very competitive price and we achieve that by keeping very tight control on our costs.

Beths Grammar School

The whole pomfrey team, as well as being a team of focused accountants, are also devoted to helping and serving the local community, particularly via the special relationship we have with Beths Grammar School. We provide the opportunity for a cluster of young, enthusiastic pupils to come and train with us for up to six weeks work experience, in the hope that after university they will return and work for us, imbued with the Pomfrey ethos.

We see this as a way of providing valuable work experience to the individuals. At the same time, we are ensuring a flow of high quality trained accountants to meet the future needs of both ourselves and our clients.  What’s more, we also attend career events at the school and put forward advice to those interested in accountancy.

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