Chiefly we prepare end of year accounts for small and medium sized businesses with turnover of less than £2,000,000 per year. The industries that we specialise in are:

• Media Industry
• Construction Industry
• Green Energy
• Transportation

We are taking on some very high quality people and will increasingly be looking for bigger clients with a turnover above two million.

Not only do we prepare end of year accounts but on top of this we are able to complete tax and VAT returns. We also offer payroll services. Tax returns are not just limited to within the UK either; we have the knowledge in depth to do U.S tax returns too, as well as operating in Spain.

But why choose Pomfrey? We offer very competitive pricing for delivering a high quality product. Our team is warm welcoming and friendly with high levels of expertise across a wide range of financial, tax and accountancy disciplines. We make it easy for the client by breaking down complex financial evaluations into a way that is simple to understand. These factors combined mean that our clients keep coming back to us and refer us throughout the local business community.

We also can provide our clients with tax advice, so that they can legally minimize their tax bills, particularly so for Inheritance Tax. We will vigorously defend clients against any HM Revenue & Customs investigations, unlike some other accountancy firms and as such we offer insurance in conjunction with Taxwise Services Ltd. The insurance that we offer covers the cost of any work involved in HM Revenue & Customs inspections and investigations. However, it will not cover any taxes, penalties or interest levied by the revenue.

Recently we have begun offering regular computer services to both new and existing clients. This service includes hardware maintenance, virus protection and disk defrags, all of which will help your computer to operate quicker and more efficiently.

Media Industry

Within the media we are a well established firm, and as such have built up a reputation for good service and expertise in the field.

Construction Industry

Businesses concerned with the construction industry can benefit from special rates at Pomfrey. These prices start at £350.


With Pomfrey, taxi drivers benefit from set rates, which are lower than other industry accounts that we complete.  These rates are set at £350 for a sole trader or £800 for a limited company. This industry is dealt with exclusively by our Rochester Drive office. We have an extensive knowledge of the industry and you can have every confidence that your individual situation can be comfortably accommodated.


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