lotusLotus Human Resources Ltd

I made a very good decision when I moved my accounts and tax affairs to Pomfrey.  I had been with my previous accountant for 14 years and when we met I wasn’t looking to move to a new accounting practice.  At our first informal meeting, I felt Pomfrey covered so much detail, asked many questions and raised a number of critical business matters that I hadn’t considered relating to the financial affairs of the business. It was this attention to detail made me feel reassured that I would get a better service than I was currently experiencing.

I am really impressed with the thorough way our tax affairs are handled. To my surprise (and of course delight) I received a rebate of corporation tax in addition to clearing an outstanding tax liability. All of this was handled very efficiently by Dawn Morris (she is a stickler for detail!). Dawn also processed the refund in record time.

I am looking forward to a long-term business relationship, to making referrals to the company and getting more tax rebates!!

– Dr Yvonne Foster (Managing Director of Lotus Human Resource)

carbon 350 logo for testimonialsCarbon 350 LTD
Pomfrey has been our company and my personal accountants since we started Carbon 350 in 2009. We are very grateful for the amount of time and effort they have devoted to helping us grow our business from start up to where we are now. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

– Nicholas Dimmock (Managing Director of Carbon 350 Ltd)

N Golding (Kent) Property Services Ltd

Tony, great guy, always there for me when I need him. Helps keep my profits up and my taxes down. Invaluable with a friendly ear and superb advice on a very wide range of topics. Please never retire.

– Nathan Golding (Director of N Golding (Kent) Property Servies Ltd

Paul Baldwin

I came to Pomfrey after being continually harassed by the Inland Revenue who were threatening court action for tax bills totaling over £2,000.

I was becoming frustrated and more than a little worried because staff at the HM Revenue refused to accept the fact that I have never completed a tax form and had been permanently employed as PAYE. The friendly and helpful accountant Andrew readily accepted responsibility for dealing with the issue that was satisfactorily resolved within days .

I am eternally grateful and extremely relieved that Andrew had been able to quickly and efficiently satisfy  the Inland Revenue so that I am in no way liable for the £2000 that they were chasing .

I strongly recommend Pomfrey Accountants to anyone who finds themselves a victim of Inland Revenue inefficiency

Paul Baldwin

Neil Mossey

The team at Pomfrey are nothing but awesome, (for me since 2001). Their diligence and advice is not only excellent but keeps me ahead of every deadline with kindness and good humour, despite my scatterbrained business in the scripted comedy industry. There are very few companies I deal with, where I truly feel that they have my back, and Pomfrey is top of that list. If you need an accountant, particularly for writers in TV or online, these are the guys to call.
Thanks again for your help each year.




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