The Pomfrey Principles



Detailed below are the principles that we hold dear and make us better than the competition.  We hope that our website promotes these ideals.

  • We care about our clients.  We treat them with friendly efficiency.  Nothing is too much trouble.  We try to assist with every need they bring to us and where we cannot help, we try to introduce them to one of our friends with our business ethic, who can help them.
  • We are pro-active to our clients’ needs.  We continually search, particularly at Budget time, for new ways in which to run their businesses more efficiently.  The most obvious area is in reducing taxes and keeping a harmonious relationship with the tax man.  Here Tony’s experience in working for the Revenue is particularly valuable.  We often are retained by non-clients to deal with their Revenue Investigations, where our track record is so much better than our competitors. Clearly such non-clients then become clients.
  • We are competent, professional and efficient.
  • With twelve employees and strong links to both professional bodies and the largest accountancy firms, we have a wide range of expertise and there is always cover in the office.  We are continually working to stay up to date.

We are not only holding our own in this recession, but continue to grow and are as ever on the look-out for new clients and ask that you remember our name whenever a business opportunity presents.


We exist to deliver:

  1. A pro-active, quality, caring service to our clients.
  2. A reasonable living to our staff, whilst also doing all we can to make their working conditions as amenable and flexible as possible.
  3. A contribution back into the community, particularly by providing:
    1. Discounted or free services to those in need.
    2. Providing assistance to local schools
  4. A modest return to our shareholders, frankly one that is small in comparison to similar businesses. Our owners believe that accountants are generally too well rewarded and according limit their returns from the company.