The Team

The Pomfrey team totals twenty staff over two offices, with ACCA, ACA, and AAT qualified.  Below is the senior management team:
Tony Creed
(A.C.I.B, A.I.C.S.A)
Tony is the co-founder of Pomfrey and head of the Coach House office. He has 25 years experience in banking rising to Head of Europe, Africa and Middle East and which includes two years with the Inland Revenue. Tony has been with Pomfrey since 1989.
Elaine Creed
Elaine is also the founder of Pomfrey and is head of the Rochester Drive office. With 13 years experience in banking, rising to middle management for both UK and Overseas, Elaine has been with Pomfrey since 1989.
Dawn Morris 
(M.A.A.T) Dawn is the senior staff member at the Coach House office. Dawn has 23 years of accounts experience, as well as eight years as an accountant and has been with Pomfrey since 2005.

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